Empowerment, RESTORATION, Healing & Hope for the WhoLe Man...Spirit, Soul & Body

   Pastor  Wanda D. Kidd

Empowered for Life Ministries

Family:  We provide valuable resources and tools that help build, unite, strengthen and cultivate families, encouraging them to work towards a peaceful, loving, supportive household that enables them to expand their thinking and perspectives and to become the best self-less family member that they are purposed to become.

Community: We offer various opportunities to serve the Monroe County & surrounding communities in various capacities in an effort to strengthen ties with the community, enlighten and build lives.

Youth/Teens/Young Adults:  Young people are taught the value of choice, introduced to principles and diverse experiences of life, fortified with the understanding of self-esteem and worth, encouraged to develop their skills and  taught how to build strong, healthy relationships.


Women:  ​Women are encouraged to journey beyond the pains of their past, define, plan and build their future based on their purpose, explore new experiences and possibilities and to understand their worth.

Education:  A gamut of  platforms are presented to extend the opportunity to learn, grow and develop both Spiritually and for practical living.


Men:  Pastor Wanda teaches from a woman's perspective, as well as partners with Sr. Pastor Randall, sister ministries and community resources to bring our brothers strong teaching on family, relationships, bring courage and provide engaging platforms that build character and develop powerful, Men of Valor, Honor and Integrity.