Pastor  Wanda D. Kidd

Empowered for Life Ministries

Empowerment, RESTORATION, Healing & Hope for the WhoLe Man...Spirit, Soul & Body

Randall L. Kidd, Sr. received his Ordination from the Church of God in Christ.  He is is the Senior Pastor of Abundant Life in Christ Worship Center, Stroudsburg, PA.  He has served as Chairman of Vision Ministries Outreach, where he and his wife worked together in joint ministry to help build lives, educate and liberate souls.  He is the husband of Wanda D. Kidd, Pastor, Evangelist and father or two sons.  Randall is also the recipient of the "Outstanding American" Award.  He is also the recipient of Corporate Awards and Honors for his skilled performance in Management.

Pastor Kidd is a true worshipper, after God's own heart.  He teaches the meaning and depth of true worship.  He believes and teaches that it is vital to stay in the face of God.  Randall’s anointing in worship, both through the Word and through his gift as a skilled keyboard musician, has enabled the prisons of minds and hearts to be set free.   As he plays and teaches, healing and deliverance flow and God is able to break and destroy yokes over the lives of His people that had been held captive.

In earlier years, Randall traveled throughout the United States presenting his musical talent throughout various venues and platforms, as a member of the 4-H Club.  As a young musician in the church, his gift began to develop greatly. In his late teens, Randall gave his life to the Lord and has been playing for God in a wide-range and vast number of events and productions ever since. He spent several years as Minister of Music and Praise & Worship Musician.  He has participated with many concert events and was privileged to open for a variety of celebrated gospel artists.

Additionally, God has favored and anointed Pastor Kidd to teach men concerning their call and position in the family as prophet, priest and king. He also teaches messages of positional power and faith in order to live as conquerors. He seeks to help God’s people understand that they too were designed with a distinct purpose and can make a difference in the home, church and community, if they first are made whole.

The vision that God has given Pastor Kidd is magnanimous! He continues to move forward in faith, as he presents various platforms and venues for the building of the lives of God’s heritage, as well as for the kingdom.