Empowerment, RESTORATION, Healing & Hope for the WhoLe Man...Spirit, Soul & Body

   Pastor  Wanda D. Kidd

Empowered for Life Ministries

​​​Wanda D. Kidd is an Award Winning Author, Pastor serving jointly with her husband, Evangelist, Intercessor, Seminarian, Conference Speaker and Workshop Facilitator.  She is the founder of Vision Ministries Outreach, a non-denominational Outreach and now Empowered for Life Ministries, with a heart and purpose to target the “whole-man”...spirit, soul,  body...and offer positive alternatives to challenging situations through the Word.  She is the wife of Sr. Pastor Randall L. Kidd, Sr. and mother of two sons. 

In 2016, Lady Wanda founded Empowered For Life Ministries, which follows the heart of Vision's core  offering along  with an expanded reach.  She  has also been an invited guest on Trinity Broadcast Network (TBN), where she shared her first book, "When It Hurts So Bad, It Must Be Good".  Additionally, she is also a recipient of the “Our Women of Influence” Award, served on the Board of “Outreach for Single Parents” in New Jersey and received TWO Christian Author Awards for her latest powerful, invoking Release, "Out of My Ashes, I Will Rise!".                                                                                               click here to read full bio


- God, Now is Not The Time

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Randall L. Kidd, Sr. is an ordained Elder.  He serves as Pastor of Abundant Life in Christ Worship Center, Stroudsburg, PA.  He has served as Chairman of Vision Ministries Outreach, where he and his wife worked together to help build,  educate and liberate lives.  He is the husband of Wanda D. Kidd and father of two sons.  His powerful teachings to men include "Positional Power & Authority" in the family for unity, successful marriage, longevity, mutual respect, strength, courage and wisdom through difficulties within the relationship.  His teachings fortify unity that cannot be broken when embraced, because of the power and truth of the Word and God's dynamic strategic plan for male leadership in the home.                                                          click here to read full bio

Pastor Wanda D. Kidd

Pastor Randall L. Kidd, Sr.

Empowered for Life

Empowered for Life is a Non-Profit Ministry with focus on healing and wholeness... spirit, soul & body...through practical teachings based on Biblical principles, platforms for the  community, women, youth, men, family, marriage, singles,  and other areas to engage and empower the whole man for fruitful living.  The Staff of Empowered for Life Ministries consists of  volunteers from the community, friends & sister ministries who dedicate their time, service & talents in order to help the vision come to full fruition.  We could not exist successfully without them!